Re: Solid State

On Sun, 12 May 1996, Tesla List wrote:
> Transformer gets hot. (wiring not the core).
> Hari wrote:
> >Better use more wires with smaller diameter. 
> >I saw my design suffered from using only two paralleled 0.7mm 
> >diameter wires. With a bunch of 0.25mm wires it is way better. 
> >Skin effect and proximity effect again..
> Yes that makes sense, I'll stick to single wires for the push pull.

And then you wonder when the wire is heating up.. You will get
heating with not enough conducting wiring!

> (Winding // multiple wires would be a pain.)

It is not. You take a bunch of small wires and twist them to a single
lizt like condunctor. Then you have only one object to deal with.
Wire as with single wire.

> (When I move to a half bridge I'll get some Litz wire for the 
> primary).

Type of wire does not depend on the driver circuit topology.

> Harri we're probably using similar cores - what was your
> recipe for the windings.

Calculate the flux density you think it will take. Too much flux will
lead into core heating and way too much will saturate it.

> The transformer hisses noisily away from the resonance
> frequency - I'm not sure why.

Corona? Insulator breakdown? Transformer core halfes not well held
togeather? Instabilities in the driver stage?

I experienced all of the above mentioned problems in my early days.
They all made funny noises. The wors was an instable phase-locked
loop attempt.
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