Re: Poly Cap Idea!!!

>>From JParisse-at-DDLabs-dot-comTue Apr 30 06:58:59 1996

>The laminate is clear 5 mil poly with an adhesive on one side. The 
>lamination machine has large pressure rollers used to squeeze air out.  
>The end result would be 12" (or larger) strips of household foil (heavy 
>duty?) laminated on both sides with 5 mil poly with ample side borders.
>I would then roll two laminated strips (10 mil dielectric), and fit them 
>into PVC tubes with mineral oil (ala Hull).


Sounds like a great idea if they can laminate and roll at the same time.
Otherwise the "inside" layer of laminate will have buckles in it as it 
is rolled. Except for that, it should work great in my opinion (such as it is).

Rick Holland
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