Hamfest Visit

Hello All:								5/4/96
    I just wanted to mention that I was able to visit a local Hamfest held about 4 miles 
from my house here in Wisconsin this morning.  I've seen several postings about the 
availability of the 500 series Tektronix scopes and I've been real interested in 
latching on to one too.  Well, today I think I was lucky.  A guy was there who I bought 
a 531 series scope with a D type dual channel high gain preamp and the Tektronix scope 
cart from, all for $50.00.  The fellow work as a Lab technician at a local college and 
had gone over the whole thing before trying to sell it.  Amazingly, it actually seems to 
work.  It's dirty, has property tags from three different locations stuck to it, along 
with a foot print, yes, a foot print, on the top!  A little soap, water and some work 
with a tooth brush on the knobs and it will look pretty good.  At the end of the Hamfest 
which was from 8-12 noon I went back and bought a second one, without the cart, for 
$35.00--this one did have a trace mark burnt into the CRT, but it will be great for 
parts.  He says he has four more at home and I got his card if there's any interest.