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> Subject: cap specifications
> I am curious about the capacitor specifications that people are using
> for resonating Tesla coil primaries.  I have seen several posts where
> it appears that a cap working voltage equal to the transformer
> secondary voltage is used.  Normally, caps (except those to be used
> across the AC mains, i.e. UL and VDE listed) are rated for max DC
> voltage. Thus if you had a 15kvac transformer- the equivalent DC rated
> cap would be 14kvac x 2 x 1.414 volts peak-to-peak.
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You are entirely correct in you analysis, but many of the list users are
using specially manufactured capacitors designed specifically for Tesla
Coil work. These capacitors are rated for VRMS, not VDC. Still, as Ed
Sonderman's recent experience pointed out, the caps should still probably
be somewhat overrated.

Rick Holland

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