Re: CP Caps & I'm still alive

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>>What I suggset we do is 
>>to place the order again.  This time via registered mail.  I would like to
>>see if one of you gentlemen would 
>>volunteer to reship them out.  I will place the order under that volunteer's
>>name, not mine.  The caps would 
>>then ship to that person.  This person could then stay on top of the order.
>>I just haven't had the time. 
>  One of my responsibilities at Delco Electronics Test Lab is researching and
>ordering special parts. I would be willing to take on the responsibility of
>this project. I can do this in a very timely fashion. I am extremely good at
>getting prices down and keeping on top of things once they start.( I have
>recieved awards for this) I will contact CP once per week and update everyone
>as to the status. I have also ordered caps from them in the past 4 years for
>myself and have nothing but praise for their caps.
> I will do correspondence through my work, so that people will feel more
>I can be contacted in 2 ways:
>Delco Electronics Corp.
>Test Systems
>ATTN: Kevin M. Conkey
>1489 Walli Strasse Blvd
>Burton, Mi. 48530
>Kevin M. Conkey
>2465 Baldwin Rd.
>Fenton, Mi. 48430
>And of course Email: DELCOKEVIN-at-aol-dot-com
>I intend on being with Delco till retirement. I started 1.5 yrs ago and have
>perfect attendance. I will be on my first vacation starting this Sat 6-15
>through 6-23, in Arizona. I can be contacted there at 602-899-7563(my mom) or
>602-830-1342(her mom, the ultimate power) during this time period.
>In this weeks time, Scott can mail me info on everyone's address, phone #,
>and all information that he has. Scott, please contact me in Arizona by
>phone, as soon as possible.
>This is also an opportunity for other people to get in on this order, if they
>wish. I will need your order by the 23rd (no exceptions) as I do not want to
>hold things up. you can send a certified check or money order to me, (at
>either address) made out to Condenser Products Corp.(if everyone agrees to me
>handling this order) The price of the caps I believe to be $198.80 ea. for a
>.025uf 25kv cap. I myself will be adding 2 more caps to the order, for a
>total of 4 that I will now have on order.
>It's up to you guys now,
>Kevin M. Conkey


I'm in for a 0.025 CP cap when you do the order.  (I believe CP only has a
20 KVAC cap in that price range -- see later posts).  Since the timelines
you quoted above are dicey given "snail-mail", as I live on the west coast,
I plan to call you at your vacation location in AZ>and maybe I can just send
the m.o. to that location -- it's closer to CA.  I'll call you there today,
as I am on vacation for the balance of this week, and see what we can work out.

Thanks for taking this on.