Re: Capacitor Selection

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>Date: Tue, 18 Jun 1996 13:56:07 -0400
>From: Esondrmn-at-aol-dot-com
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>Subject: Capacitor Selection
>I received another reply from Jeffrey Fielder at Condenser Products
>yesterday.  I had asked him if they want the failed capacitor back for
>failure analysis.  Since this is the first C.P. cap I have heard of
>exploding, I would have thought they would be interested in looking at it.
> He said it would be useful to look at but that I don't have to send it back
>if I prefer not to.
>I had also asked for a quote on a .025 mfd cap rated at 25 kv Tesla tank
>circuit operation.  His reply is that 20 kv is the largest they make in the
>.025 value.  What he sent was his standard price list for capacitors designed
>specifically for Tesla coil application.  The next voltage step up from 20 kv
>is 32 kv and they only make .005 and .01 mfd caps in this rating.
>By the way, the standard price for a .025 mfd, 20 kv unit is $207.00 which
>includes freight.
>Ed Sonderman
Ooops! Sorry about the premature reply. I hit the wrong button :o

Ed, The cap you mentioned is the same one I have homed in on. If still
possible I would like to order with the group. If not I will go ahead
a order direct.

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