Re:Humid atmosphere

Hi Paul,
        On your variable visitor tuning.....

> I did some checking with the signal generator and the oscilliscope
> to check the resonance of the secondary in the jungle atmosphere.
> When I am alone the resonance was within a reasonable limits as it
> was when I first set it up alone. As someone aproached and got
> within 15 feet of the coil the resonance changed dramatically and
> went so far off the scale I could not find any resonant frequency
> within the range of my signal generator, until the visitor went
> away.

Can you post the specs on your coil please? I'd be very interested
in things like dimensions, resonant frequency, terminal size etc.
The low capacitance of these systems does make them susceptible to
the proximity of nearby objects, but 15' is rather a long way away.
I think you may have a bad grounding problem.