Re: Toroid inductance

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>Duh.  Thanks for the reality check.  Just when I thought I had all the bases
>covered, it's nice to have someone point out the obvious that I missed 
>entirely.  I'm still going to use the cores, but will need to ponder the 
>matter more fully.  I'll post my idea so that others may scrutinize it 
>and point out other potenitally obvious omissions.
	I floated over it also;( 

	I did have a thought though, put them in series, dunk them in
oil, connect to your transformer on one side and your spark gap on the
other. connect the gap back to the transformer. Now fire it. If you
see arcing to the cores, just clean off the oil with some solvent. (I
use paint thinner) Unwind the coils. Insulate, and rewind.


p.s. 	reality checks ALLWAYS welcome!