Re: 1000 foot sparks?

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> Subject: Re: 1000 foot sparks?
> Malcolm, All,
> As there has been considerable interest in Mr. LaBine's claim to
> produce 1000+ foot sparks I will herein describe the essence of his claim
> and experiment proposed as heard by your's truly on the International
> Tesla Society radio hour a couple of weeks ago.

> Mr. LaBine qualifies his claim by saying this will all work IF the Colorado
> Springs numbers and information he has on Tesla's work are correct.
> If so, he claims he will create bolts of lightning 1,320 feet long."
> Now kids, don't try this at home without the supervision of an adult
> AND all your neighbour's permissions, and the FAA's, and...
> Happy Coiling!, rwstephens


It seems the fellow on this list who, jokingly, said why stop at a 
kilofoot, was right!  Mr. LaBine has added another 320 feet for good 
measure and in the same breath given himself an out. (if the numbers from 
Tesla's 1899 Colorado work are correct)  
Nice post Robert!  We get a good dose of humor too!

Richard Hull, TCBOR