Re: CP cap order

Tesla List wrote:
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> Date: 12 Jun 96 13:55:47 EDT
> From: Charles Brush <74040.3317-at-CompuServe.COM>
> To: Tesla List <tesla-at-poodle.pupman-dot-com>
> Subject: Re: CP cap order
> This was my first (possibly last!) group order, but I'd be interested in
> hearing how they have worked in the past.  I assume CP would ship to each
> person individually, and this is one thing I forgot to ask about (for instance
> if they had _my_ address on record).  If anyone else calls, they might check
> this.
> I don't want to jump to conclusions, but this whole thing is looking worse and
> worse!
> Charles Brush
> [NOTE: The previous order was shipped entirely to Scott, who boxed them up
>  and sent them to the various people.  -- Chip]


Scott maybe on vacation (likely), Ill (hit by a bus), CPU blownup, out of 
town on business, etc. 

I know it ain't my money on line here, but he has performed honorably 
before and its most likely he'll perform that way again.  How much was 
the total?  A grand, maybe less?  Where is he gonna' go with that in 
today's economy?  Rio, Paris?  Be patient, he should be back on board, 

Good luck,

Richard Hull, TCBOR