Re: Capacitor Explosion

You wrote: 

>If CP is not honoring warranty's, I certainly would not order anything
>else from them. In fact a pissin contest with their reps would be in
>order.  While my caps have been without problems, I am following with
>great interest how CP is handling the problems some are experienceing.


To All,

I called PC the day after my cap blew.  At first the secretary did not 
want to handle my call, but after a few minutes Mr. Feilding came to 
the phone.  I explained what had happened to him.  He was quite 
defensive and incredulous about a CP cap blowing.  He offered a litany 
of user related reasons that could have caused the cap to blow.  Such 
as, the cap had laid too long on one side allowing the oil to drain 
down and creat a dry area on the top or that my TC system set up may 
have caused the explosion, etc.!!  Their attitude is the customer must 
have done something wrong causing the cap to blow and, excluding that, 
they will check it to see if it's a CP problem.  Never did he address a 
possible Condensor Product reason for the failure.  

I questioned him about the cap being tightly sealed and in essence 
becoming a bomb.  I offered that Ed's cap had suffered a similar 
explosion  He was a little taken aback that I had this knowledge and 
was evasive on this issue.  

He said send the cap back and they would check it.  I countered that I 
would first have someone examine it nondistructivly before I sent it 
back.  He was not happy with this suggestion.

I mentioned that I had injuries to my lower extremities from the 
explosion.  He became more insistant that the cap be sent back.  Later 
in the day an unsolicited call came from Nationwide Insurance, CP's 
carrier.  The agent wanted me to file a claim regarding my injuries.  I 
explained that it would be imprudent to file an injury claim at this 
point.  The agent then offered a multitude of reasons why the cap 
should be immediately sent back to CP.  The oil would drain out and the 
cap would appear dry and interfere with testing, etc.  Actually, the 
oil is out already.  It's all over my garage!

Gents, my dealing with CP and their cap so far has been less than 
satisfactory.  They billed and waranteed their cap as being able 
withstand TC use, but when it failed on a very small system, they are 
quite defensive and uncooperative.  I will allow them to evaluate the 
cap, but on my schedule and I will retain physical posession of the cap 
afterward.  And no, I will not accept a replacement that will not vent 
excessive internal pressure safely.  

I emailed Scott Meyers and cancelled my new cap order.  He promised to 
refund my money.  I also emailed Kevin Conkey about the dangers of 
these tighly sealed caps that in essence become bombs, if and when, 
they arc internally.  Also, if they explode and someone is injured 
(blinded) or killed, not only is CP liable but so is he and probable 
Delco since he is their agent and uses their email.  All are 

In the future, I will follow R. Hull's advice and method of ordering 
commercial caps.  He has never had one blow dispite the rigorous 
treatment with which he punishes them.