Re: CP update 3

You wrote: 

>Yes they must be of the same type of cap. .025uf 20kv.
>I will have to find out today from Scott what the discount is.
>I do know that our group order caps will have a larger stud
>size than the standard cap. Which should get us 120000
>peak amps as opposed to 65000 for standard.
>Kevin M. Conkey


To All, 

My blown cap also has the larger studs.  This is deceiving since the 
studs internally are connected by two strips of metal foil about one 
inch wide to the cap sections.  These foil strips are certainly less 
capable of conducting high peak amps than the studs.  The foil strips 
and their solder joints to the cap sections are by far the weakest link 
in the chain. 

Just more Condenser Products hype, I suspect.