Re: ignitron tubes

Hi  Richard,
               thanks for the input on the ignitron tubes,it sounds as if you have tried them? 
for hi powered t.c.'s what would you recommend, rotary s. gaps emersed in nitrogen g. or sticking 
with finicky quenched gaps, i've tried both and found the rotary's to be more reliable,one of the 
problems i've had is the destruction of the gaps(tungsten & carbon arc)at hi current 75+ amps,it 
would be nice to have a system that you didn't have to rebuild every few hours?at one point i was 
running a mercury "interrupter" in nitrogen gas ,but found that the mercury had a tendency to 
squeeze out under hi rpm(breaks).I don't recommend anyone using mercury interrupters because of 
the toxicity of the material, unless they use a regimented safety procedure for handling it, 
glovies,face mask,respirator.One word of caution! Once mercury is absorbed into the body it's 
almost impossible to get out,this stuff is deadly so be careful!
                                                                 Looking forward to your
                                                                  response thanks