Re: Solid State - progress.

On Tue, 11 Jun 1996, Tesla List wrote:
> >Using the "zero-voltage-switching" of mosfets, its should be possible 
> >to obtain drastically more power out of my setup.
> 0 Voltage switching is great for forward converters only.
> The main disadvantages of this method are 
> 1. your not driving your secondary with a sine wave.
>    so you loose power to the harmonics.
> 2. your fets need to be rated at 2-3 vin at least.

For forward convertter. It is very usable technique for half of full
bridge as well as for push pull. No high voltage stress is there.

> My plan is to use the output of my push-pull transformer to drive 
> a tuned (150Khz) L-C filter tied to ground. This L-C circuit will then drive
> the 
> primary of my tesla coil magnifier style.

That may not be too easi. Remember that you will need tuning at the
resonant tank. Problems perhaps..

> With the secondary under a load the L will limit the current.
> With no load the Q of the L-C circuit will go high and drive 
> the primary voltage through the roof.

Yap. And you will need a very high voltage cap :) I've been looking
into those series tuned or parallel C loaded converters too. I've
just started with my latest prototype and unfortunately did blow
the two UC3860's I had. No more available in this county unless I'm
interested in amounts of 1000's mininum. Time to make a new driver
I gues.. :(
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