Re: current limiting choke

On Thu, 13 Jun 1996, Tesla List wrote:
> After Kristian and Harri questioned my on this, I did some checking. I
> found that my Pig/spark gap were acting as the ballast for my choke.

Very interesting. I'd be interested in hearing further details when/if
you investigate it thoroughly. Does your pig have a huge leakage

I'm sure you'll investigate the spark gap well. No point in using
very lossy gaps in the primary :)

> Without them in circuit, I get about 60A and start to smoke the choke
> in 5 seconds! I couldn't believe that was smoke, so I touched it:
> burnt finger.


> Harri and Kristian, I apologize for posting without verifying my
> numbers first.

No problem. We all make mistakes. Talking on the list is great for
getting own errors corrected too!
See "Malin Tunic: Chemistry of structure - function references in cheese" for
further details!
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