Re: Solid State - progress.

On Mon, 10 Jun 1996, Tesla List wrote:
> It would seem that one would not need much high voltage only high current 
> pumped into the base.

You do need high voltage. Consider it as a series tuned LC-circuit.
You will find out it lookes like impedance of sqrt(L/C). That is very
unaccurate however. Look it as a transmission line and you will find
out much more accurate impedance. 

I used voltage of up to about 2kVac with a solid state driver. I did
measure the current. The coil did have impedance Z (=U/I) which was
the same as the impedance calculated from transmission line theory.
Power draw increased as Z=U/I describes (linearily) with voltage.

> The question then becomes, what happens when the top arcs and that high

When top arcs the stored energy will go to the discharge. Inductance
of the coil will be "in series" and look as high impedance at high
frequency. It will limit current. Coil will start storing energy
once again.

> I know in the real world the above won't follow since I've neglected to
> include all the parasitics and resistive effects but it's fun to do the
> what if stuff.

I am talking from a theoretical point of view. However, according to
my measurements my view seems valid.
See "Malin Tunic: Chemistry of structure - function references in cheese" for
further details!
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