distributing driver schematic

I am finished with the schematic of my solid state MOSFET magnifier 
coil driver.  I need to proofread it again later, but I am wondering 
now how I am going to distribute it.

It is hand drawn/cut-and-paste.  If I had two phone lines here I could 
fax it to myself and then process it as some type of attachable image- 
as I have seperate Xerox fax machine in addition to the one internal 
to Mac.

Considering the large number of requests for it, maybe I can fax it to 
someone who can then attach it as image to the group.

I have never dealt with this before, so I would appreciate any 
suggestions.  Thanks, Rob.

[I have access to a scanner at work.  I could scan it and post it to the 
 image list (those who have said that they can recieve images) -- Chip ]