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[big snip]

>>Has anyone else ever ran their coil with the cap mounted this close or
>>to the under side of the primary?  At 5 to 9 kva?
>>Ed Sonderman

Ed, to protect the cap from induced emf's from the primary, you could make a
simple sheet metal shield, ground it and  place the cap inside.  The primary
is going to see this metal shield at 10.5 inches, but it would see the
unshielded capacitor too....at least with a shiled, your cap wouldn't have
large voltages induced into it.

Anyone out there tried to protect their caps (near a primary coil) from
primary induced currents?  Seems like a reasonable thing to worry about.  My
caps have all been homebrew of one kind or another, and I've never been able
to get one of these big babies close enough to the primary to have to be

Bert (Pool)