Re: Solid State - progress.

 to: Alan Sharp

>>With the secondary under a load the L will limit the current.
>>With no load the Q of the L-C circuit will go high and drive 
>>the primary voltage through the roof.

>Where does your LC circuit go?

      )(             )
+-----)(             ) L
      )(             )         cap
pull--)(-ground      )---+-----| (----ground
                primary  )( secondary
            ground ------)(----ground 
Tune L-C to resonate freq of secondary
Drive L-C with square wave at resonate freq of secondary

To reduce the amount of snub required wind primary and secondary of
the ferrite transformer using this method.

1. cut three pieces of mag wire 15' long or so.
   Use nothing larger than 16 guage.
   For more current double number of wires.
2. attach one end of the three wires to anything fixed.
3. twist wire together using a low speed drill till you have about 1 turn
   per inch.
4. wind twisted wire tightly around a ferite dount or clam shell.

5. one wire for push, one for pull, third for output.

try this for snubbing.
Im this is only a guess. 50% less power into snubber
                  diode       cap  
  drain_of_fet------|>|---+----|(---- ground 
                resistor  \
 Paul Harriman EE