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> Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 12:12:22 -0400 (EDT)
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> Subject: Surplus Capacitors
> Hey Gang!
> I've been following this group for a while, wading through the messages,
> learning and lurking.  I'm also out of town because I can't find a job in
> the Oak Ridge area as the government is trying to downsize the town to nothing.
> The reason I'm posting this message is because our U.S. Government (aka,
> Department of Energy, DOE) is thinking about surplusing some high voltage
> capacitors.  Be aware that these probably DO contain PCBs as they were
> manufactured prior to 1977.  But they are sealed units and in working order.
> DOE does not want the hassle of continually checking them, etc. and treating
> them as PCB contaminated.  Some of the voltages coming into this plant are
> 161 kVA.  I don't know what the particular voltages or capacitances of these
> HV capacitors are but I feel that they should work for Tesla services.
> If DOE does try to surplus these capacitors, would anyone be interested?
> I'm sure that they would be at an attractive price.  It appears that DOE
> COULD sell these units if they were for the intended purpose (high voltage
> electricity) and NOT be declared as a waste.  Of course the buyer would be
> responsible for safe disposal if they ever failed, etc.
> What do you guys think?  Anyone want some CHEAP HV Caps with possible PCBs
> compliments our federal government?  They have about 2500 units or so.
> Current disposal price is $8 per pound for PCB caps.  That's what DOE pays.
> So if someone offered to BUY them, they'd probably almost give them away.  I
> need your feedback on this.
> Thanks!
> William L. Osburn
> P.S. I'm only home on weekends to check my E-Mail.  If anyone needs to get
> hold of me faster, call (502) 462-2550 (work) or (423) 482-6057 (home).

A Followup on Surplus Caps...

I called William today and had a nice chat with him. Turns out he 
lives in Tennessee, but spends much time working at the DOE facility 
in Paduccah, KY. There are a couple of capacitor "flavors" available. 
They all sound like power factor correction type, with most in the 25 - 
50 uF at 2500 - 5000 Volt range. However, there are also 14 KV caps that 
were used in the switchyard. Unfortunately, William didn't have the 
specific values for these available (yet), but should have the 
information shortly.

The current situation is that these may become available IF DOE decides 
that the regulations for managing PCB-laden equipment permit them to be 
resold for electrical usage (which looks favorable....). However, knowing 
the glacial speed at which governmental agencies work, it's not clear 
when they will decide one way or another. 

William has forwarded all of the E-mail posts regarding interest in these 
caps to the DOE engineer who's responsible for disposal/disposition of 
these. The lower voltage caps would make dynamite filter caps, and the 
14KV ones might be applicable for Tesla work. Any other potential uses 
for these that you guys can think of???

-- Bert --