Re: Safety gaps

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>>In my system I use a pair of (here's the plug, Robert!) Linsay Scientific
>>"Mega-Henry" RF chokes (which were developed for just this application)

>Does anyone have phone number and address to Linsay Scientific?

>Kevin M. Conkey

Kevin, All,

Lindsay Scientific is my consulting and Tesla coil manufacturing 
company.  I build custom one of T.C's and related components for 
sale.  In this line are my Mega-Henry brand air core RF chokes 
designed to protect fragile neon transformers.  Anyone wishing further 
information is welcome to e-mail me off the list privately, or to 
call me directly at 705-328-2997.

Robert W. Stephens
Lindsay Scientific Co.
P.O. Box 879, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada K9V-5N3