hi all,

this file has the coil i am building.
is it sound ? 
or do i need to build a better way to fire it?
or is there a better one to build?
an what kind of sparks can i expect, if any?

and will a sparkplug gap go on it?
an what does it look like?
or do i need a toroid?

this is all new to me.
is  there a video,  an can i get one?

 i have been an electrican for 14 years
 and a maintaince electrican  for 6 of them
at a major makeup plant.

i  can  build almost anything. 
an for what i dont know
 i have a good support team at work,  
 electronics boys   /  mach  shop/    an engineers.
but many have never heard of a TC much less how it works

what i dont know is anything about  electronics.   
you are over my head
i know the parts
but not what you are doing with them or why
maybe i need to go back  to school.

has anyone the time or enegy to help me.

                     JAMES DARREN ZODA HALEY
                             I.B.E.W.  295

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