Flyback coils

Hi all,

Well, thanks for the info re: flyback transformers. I swapped a couple of
connections round then ran it up again. Presto - it worked! The sparks are
a bit (well, very) poxy - only about 15mm! (5/8"). I might have a go at
making a plasma ball out of it. I have a perfect 4" clear globe lamp lying
around somewhere.

Stephen Wassell (UK) very generously provided me with a copy of RQ's
video. Very impressive. I have caught the bug again, but can't build a
decent coil until I change my accommodation and finish writing my PhD
thesis. I guess it'll have to be plasma balls till then!

Key points I got from the video (comments welcome)

1. Build a decent PSU cabinet which can be used for all coils
2. Have a decent primary and a number of caps
3. Build secondaries out of ANYTHING, just BUILD THEM

Phil Mason