Re:Humid atmosphere

>Subject: Re:Humid atmosphere
>>>>Re: Body capacitance effect on coil tuning
>>You may have come up with a more profitable use for a Tesla coil than 
>>making spark shows.  It sounds like you have a very effective personnel 
>>detector capable of use in heavy jungle.  Have you tried asking for a 
>>multi-million dollar government grant to study the obvious military 
>>applications of this? 
>>Happy Coiling!, rwstephens
>>Thanks RW but if I built such a detector at the moment I would probably
find it arcing 7 ft arcs and get thrown off the job!

Paul Millott (Failed again)
>Timing of some of these threads is spooky!
>. I did notice on the scope that as I walked by (6 feet from the coil), not
only did the frequency change on the scope but the signal amplitude as well!
>I did not think too much of this at first but discovered this effect secondly:
>Even though I know that the spark gap is a terrible quencher I wondered
>why it would not shut down until I was away from the coil.
>Bob Schumann
>==  If you understand, things are just as they are.        ==
>==  If you do not understand, things are just as they are. ==
Bob, At first I thought I may not be insane after all. But now I think the
two of us are ready for the nut house. Just out of interest what is your air
temperature and humidity? I think these are no longer the cause of the
problem but I need to check anyway. Out of interest I found another strange
reaction. Try this- Put a thick wire from the base of the secondary, (which
is earthed) along the floor, up the wall, over the roof and dangle it about
1ft over your coil to attract some arcs. My arcs ignored this earth but
attacked me instead, beyond the distance they normally travel. I know I
shouldn't get too close but made the wrong assumption that the earth wire
would give me some safety by keeping the arcs occupied. I can only get arcs
in air conditioned areas.

This is probably a stupid question but is it possible that the wire
connected to the base of the secondary is acting like a secondary antenna on
its own? Then it would have an output similar to the real secondary and not
attract the arcs, leaving the arcs free to get me.
PAUL MILLOTT (Fried again)

PS Bob, Things are Never as they are!