Fact vs. Fiction

Thank-you David Trimmell for the streamers to ground explaination - sounds
plausible to me!
You also wrote: "...it is refreshing to get just the facts not the fiction." I
agree but how many of us would have paid ANY attention to this kind of research
if Tesla had been just another stuffy old scientist guy that you had to read
about in a badly defaced high-school textbook? (How many have Helmholz of
Heavyside pin-ups on our walls? - What!? ALL OF US?)
If my father hadn't told me the "real story" of the early days of Electricity -
as told to him by HIS father who was an "Electrician" contemporaneous with
Tesla, but that's a different legend involving Steinmetz and Einstein - would I
have gone off into this area of research?
If there was no legend, it  would be like Tesla had never existed, according to
all the physics and science texts I've ever read.  We need the legends, if only
to whet the appetites of folks like us.  (Besides, the world needs a
comprehensive study of the best ways to toast a variac, doesn't it? ;->)
Yes, we need to do the real science - the quantifiable analysis - but we also
need the fiction.  Until history gives Tesla accurate and just treatment, he
will be forgotten.

Just my two cents worth.
Jeffrey Wiggins