Re: ignitron tubes

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> Subject: ignitron tubes



> now here is the problem for all you tesla person's, how do we operate these tubes at 15 to 30kva at
> 80 to 120khz? do we fire the ignitors with a rotary gap of hi voltage dc? i hope that this will
> get someones juices flowing,if not maybe a little view into past technologies?
>                                        looking for feedback
>                                                            bill

Sorry Bill,

That's what this thread has been all about!  It can't be done with 
Mercury thyratrons or ignitrons!  They are too slow to deionized to work 
at much more than a couple of hundred hertz!  Even if they could 
handle a billion watts, they just ain't no good for much beyond 
welding or old motor controllers...That's it!

Richard Hull, TCBOR