Re: Capacitor Explosion

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>>Mine failed a few days after the one year warranty (if there is one).  I
>>asked about some compensation when discussing prices on a new one and did
>>get anywhere.
>>Ed Sonderman
>I suggest that in all fairness, the entire time that Condenser 
>Products Co. had your capacitor for evaluation testing should be 
>deducted from your one year warranty time.  This should put you back 
>under warranty, and, if that's true then they should make things right.
>I wouldn't have been so quick to send them more money if this 
>previous account was unsettled.  If you are in the right, be firm!  
>The only hero that will champion your own interests is YOU.
>Regards, rwstephens


The thing that irritated me most was the time they wasted in sending it back
to me.  It was my decision to send it back for testing.  The bill was 65.39.
  35.00 for testing and 30.38 for UPS.  They sent it back COD with a $211.00
bill.  The first day it showed up, I refused it and called C.P.  They said
they would call UPS and straighten it out.  The next day UPS brought it back
again and I refused it.  This happened three days in a row.  Then C.P. called
and said it had to be sent back to them and reshipped for the correct amount.
 This time I asked to have it shipped UPS Blue, which they did.  All together
it took them two weeks to get it back to me.

I originally received the capacitor on June 9, 1995.  It failed on June 11,
1996.  I explained all this and asked for consideration (reduced cost) on a
new unit and got nowhere with them.

Ed Sonderman