Re: Capacitor Explosion

If CP is not honoring warranty's, I certainly would not order anything
else from them. In fact a pissin contest with their reps would be in
order.  While my caps have been without problems, I am following with
great interest how CP is handling the problems some are experienceing.

>>Mine failed a few days after the one year warranty (if there is one). 
>>asked about some compensation when discussing prices on a new one and 
did not
>>get anywhere.
>>Ed Sonderman
>I suggest that in all fairness, the entire time that Condenser 
>Products Co. had your capacitor for evaluation testing should be 
>deducted from your one year warranty time.  This should put you back 
>under warranty, and, if that's true then they should make things 
>I wouldn't have been so quick to send them more money if this 
>previous account was unsettled.  If you are in the right, be firm!  
>The only hero that will champion your own interests is YOU.
>Regards, rwstephens