Re: Final Capacitor Test Results

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>	Your post was very interesting indeed.  Sure sorry to
>hear you lost your capacitor.  One thing you didn't mention was
>how hot it was.  Also, how many sections failed?  You should be
>able to salvage something.
>Ed Phillips

I don't know how hot it was.  I did not immediately run over to feel the
studs on the cap - probably should have though.  I hadn't noticed it getting
warm before however.  It blew the end section right out of the cap.
 Estimating, I would say there is five or six sections inside.  I have not
taken it apart as I am waiting to hear if Condenser Products wants it back
for failure analysis.  I am not sure it can be taken apart without ruining
what's left.  If you turn it upside down and shake all the sections out, it
will probably rip them apart.  I know the bottom section must be bonded to
the stud on the bottom of the case.

I am working on specs with C.P. now for another cap.  I think I will go from
15kv rating up to 25kv.  They did say that 14,400 volts at .5 amps should not
have damaged the cap.

Ed Sonderman