Re: Final Capacitor Test Results

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>I'm normally a lurker, being a definite novice at Tesla Coiling, but I had
>to this one. I'm just a technician, but I attended the Institute of
>Sciences at Texas A&M (yes, I'm an AGGIE) where they taught us that any
>component should be overrated by at least 50 percent. And they weren't even
>about Tesla works! The possible reflective voltages and harmonics and
>currents would 
>entice *me* to overrate by 100 percent. That is through my lack of knowledge
>and fear 
>of what these things could do to a very expensive piece of equipment. I'm
>that the tank had a property that threw too much of one or the other
>parameter at your 
>cap. I'm really sorry to hear of this, but, on the other hand, if they knew
>that you 
>had a 14,400 pole pig, they should have warned you themselves. I'd be angry
>Anyway, better luck in the future.
>Rick Holland


I received a reply today from the manufacture of the cap.  They still say it
should not have failed at 14,400 volts at .5 amps.  That is what it was
designed for - Tesla coil primary tank circuit operation.  I am working with
them on specs for a new cap.

Ed Sonderman