Re: Final Capacitor Test Results

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>   Sorry to hear about the capacitor failure you just had.  That's sort 
>of a kick in the head with a $200 cap going west like that.  Hope you can 
>fit in another one in the near future and keep on making sparks.  I have 
>just assembled 80% of my new toroid as of last night and both the rotary 
>and stationary gaps are done here.  The toroid is 48" in diameter and I 
>still have to wrap the aluminum tape on the tube section.  My cap is 
>still healthy due to absolutely no use yet but I sure hope that in a week 
>or so I'll be ready to plug in and start the initial testing.  Good Luck 
>on a new cap!
>Chuck Curran


I am working with C.P. now on specs for another cap.  48" is a large toroid.
 My largest (of three) is 40" and I kind of wish it was a little larger.
 Have you fired your coil at low power yet?  You will have to apply a good
deal of power to get the 48" toroid to break out.  I would suggest  laying a
wire on the toroid, sticking out over the edge with a ground wire opposite it
a few feet away to do the initial tuning.

Good luck on your project.

Ed Sonderman