Re: Faraday cage

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>I am needing to build a Faraday cage to hopefully reduce the 
>interference my coil causes with my telephone and the AM radio reception 
>around my house.  No neighbor complaints, but just encase the FCC is 
>listening.  My question is: how fine of a wire mesh would you need to 
>block the RF from a coil running from 200 to 350 kHz?  And the 
>associated "noise"?  I was thinking of trying Aluminum foil strips, but 
>then was thinking of the grounded capacitance around my coil, as the 
>basement room I have my coil setup in is not to spacious.  So I was just 
>interested in what creative designs some of you may have come up with?
> Thanks for any input.
>David Trimmell <dwt-at-efn-dot-org>

If you use a good RF ground for the Tesla coil, unconnected to anything else
in your house and also use good RF line filters for all the AC supply, also
with a separate ground, you won't have much of an interference problem.  I
run my system at up to 9kva and have only a small amount of snow on the TV.
 It does raise hell with the portable telephone however.

Ed Sonderman