Re: CP Group Order Halted

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> Date: Wed, 3 Jul 96 08:26 EDT
> From: Bob Schumann <tesla-at-america-dot-com>
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> Subject: Re: CP Group Order Halted
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> >Subject: CP Group Order Halted
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> >Hello All,
> >
> >Kevin Conkey and myself, Scott Myers, have been discussing the legal
> >aspects of sending out these CP caps.  We have decided it is not
> >worth the small risk that is involved.  While we are not "agents" of
> >CP in any way, shape or form, we felt that it was best to bow out
> >of the entire situation.
> >
> >snip...

> >Scott Myers
> >
> [major snippage because what I first wrote was out of anger]
> I am disheartened by this.
> I will have no recourse but to take my returned money order and send it
> to Condenser Products; it already is made out to them.
> Capacitors have been an issue. I had already made a tank and have all the
> materials to make a Richard Hull cap. The reason I stopped work on it was
> because the poly I had purchased was single 90 mil and Richard advised that
> the dialectric should be multiple sheets. I strongly respect his advice.
> Another big snipola...
> I am now so frustrated with all of this I feel like back burnering my
> Tesla hobby. I need a pep talk.
> Bob Schumann
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Go ahead!  Use that 90 mil poly, rather than sit on the side lines.  I 
would imagine it would handle under 12KVac just fine as long as the power 
level was around 2kw or less and no rotary were used which was spun to 
give more than a few hundred breaks per second.

My advice was for an optimized amateur design based on long experience.  
I still use my single ply 60 mil poly dielecric caps which I rolled on 
our old video report #3.  They haven't gone out yet!  I use two .018 ufd 
units in series for .009ufd and have had 14,400 volts from a potential 
transformer on the pair at 2.5KW with no problems.

Richard Hull, TCBOR