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>>Can you send me a diagram with construction details for your rotary gap?
>>I am building a large tesla coil (2kva) and have heard so much about 
>>these rotary gaps but have not been able to obtain good construction 
>>regards Joe
>You can find construction details at:
>  http://ftp.funet.fi/ftp/pub/sci/electrical/tesla
>Ed Sonderman


The above is for a static cylindrical gap.  I built my rotary using a 1/2
h.p. series wound motor.  The motor shaft is treaded and the 3/8" thick lexan
(polycarbonate) wheel is bolted directly on the shaft.  The wheel is about
10" in dia.  In about 1/2" from the outside edge I drilled 1/4" holes for 8
electrodes.  They are 1/4" stainless steel acorn nuts mounted on each side
with a 1/4" shaft.  The stationary electrodes are tungsten 3/16" dia
purchased from a welding store - they are tig welding electrodes.  They are
mounted in large copper blocks for heat sinking and they are adjustable.  The
motor is 10,000 rpm and I use two variacs in series to conrtol the speed.
  One is set to about 35% and left there to control maximum speed and the
other is used to slowly run the speed up.

Ed Sonderman