Re: Transformers

> T&R has 5kVA 14.4kV pigs for $190.  I've got one on the way.
> Charles Brush

>>Could you please post phone number and/or address of T&R.

Sure thing!  Below is a snip from Richard Quick's resource guide.  I've heard
good things about Solomon as well.  The first transformer company I tried was
Ward Transformer (a big one listed in the Surplus Record publication), but they
don't sell anything that small and also referred me to T&R.



Solomon Corporation, P. O. Box 245, Solomon, KS 67480
Watts: (800) 243-2867 Tel (913) 655-2191 Fax (913) 655-2502
Supplier of power distribution (pole pig) transformers.
<tip from Scott Myers>

T&R Electric, P. O. Box 180, Colman, SD 57017
Watts (800) 843-7994  <tip from Scott Myers>
Supplier of power distribution (pole pig) transformers.

H&H Transformer Inc. (303) 289-2802
Denver area pole pigs, tip by Chip Atkinson 

[ I had good luck with H&H.  I felt they treated me with the same consideration that 
  they would give to Public Service. It was a "local" delivery to my work though.
  They were going to make other deliveries in my area.  Shipping may be another
  matter. -- Chip ]