Re: help


>I am having trouble with the IRF511  burning up 
>The boys in the electrionic shop do not like the driver
>They say it could be a lot better.

I started out with this circuit and coil and I blew the fet and the
chip - I don't like the driver either -
I suspect that he only started with a 567 chip because he planned
to use it as a phase locked loop and probably hit more grief.

I abandoned it and used an oscillator built around a hc7413 schmitt
trigger, followed by a hc74121 and a tc4421cpa driver chip.
(or use a couple of 555's, and an irf540 (much more muscle).

But I could only get very small discharges (1" - 2" tops)

>I have a 15000 volt neon-at-60ma.
>can this coil be salvaged to go with it?
>Or do i start over?

Yes I think without a toriod the coil resonates at about 280khz, with
a toriod (1m of 3"dia foam pipe lagging bent around a thick cardboard
disc and covered with Aluminium tape the frequency comes down to
about 210kHz.

You should be able to use Walts program now.

This is an easier route to follow than solid state.

have fun,

Alan Sharp