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On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, Tesla List wrote:

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> Subject: BTC3
> I have plans and am going to build the BTC3 with a few minor changes in
> parts. Ive found a wire that is in various gauges and has a cloth type
> material for insulation, very thin and different colors according to size I
> think. It calls for 10 inches of #26 on a 3.5 inch form if I recall so what I
> want to know is will the thin cloth covering make a difference on the
> secondary. I dont want to just try and see because the wire is rather steep
> in price for the amount I need but if it will likely work Ill do it. Also I
> would like to scan the plans and let anyone download them who wants them but
> only if I can find out if its OK to do that or not, anyone know?   Steve S.

Forget the cloth covered wire and just use regular old enamel covered
magnet wire.  If you're rebuilding a historical coil for a museum or
something, spring for the cloth covering.  If you just want to build a
coil that works, the extra $ you spend for the cloth covering won't get
you anything.  The cloth covered wire might even give you less output than
magnet wire because the insulation would be a lot thicker than the
polythermaleze or whatever magnet wire you get, so your inter-turn spacing
and total turns would be down, giving you a lower inductance for your

Steve Roys