Ed Harris -facts


I am glad Ed harris chimed in on the subject f glow discharge vs. arcs.  
I have met Ed personally and this is the kind of stuff he does in the 
real world, and his knowledge on the subject is rather extensive.  I 
assume modesty prevented Ed from mentioning his professional knowledge in 
these matters.  Ed came up with a really neat atmospheric pressure Argon 
plasma panel idea which we at the TCBOR have had a blast with and place 
on our tapes.  (no vacuum pumps needed!!!)

The glow discharge is a much "kinder and gentler" sort of discharge.  As 
Ed noted, the glow engulfs the entire electrode and the current in such a 
discharge is rather low and evenly distributed.  You can never have a 
spark gap that functions well in a Tesla system in glow discharge mode.

Tritchel, in the 1930's did a lot of basic research on gas arcs and arcs 
in general.

Richard Hull, TCBOR

Check an NE-2 lamp and note the bathing of the electodes in glow.  Arcs 
are hot and localized, always.

Richard Hull, TCBOR