Re: Fair caps test

Tesla List wrote:
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> Date: 03 Jul 96 10:48:39 EDT
> From: Charles Brush <74040.3317-at-CompuServe.COM>
> To: tesla-at-poodle.pupman-dot-com
> Subject: Fair caps test
> Hi everyone,
> Those of you interested in the Fair Radio caps might be interested in a test I
> just tried.  I'm in NYC and have only been able to run one of these caps in a
> very small system in my apartment.  When I have time, I'd like to take them out
> to my folk's place on Long Island and try them in my larger neon system, but
> who knows when that will be (not enough free time!).  Anyway, I thought I'd try
> a little "stress test" just to see how these caps held up.  This consisted of
> running with just a transformer and gap across one of them.  Results:
> -6kV 30mA for 5 minutes continuous, studs got slightly warm to the touch, no
> discernable change in case temp.
> -15kV 60mA for 5 minutes continuous, studs got a little warmer, case definitely
>  getting warm, but not hot.
> I used my "enclosed" series static gap, since the air blown one was just too
> loud and I didn't want any complaints.  By the end of the second test the gap
> was really cooking.  Five minutes can be quite a long time!
> I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts on this test.  Any idea how much
> other types of caps might heat up under similar conditions?  If I could find my
> indoor/outdoor thermometer I'd get some numerical data.
> Charles


This is the worst treatment you can give a cap or a transformer!  The 
tests would tend to indicate a very good capacitor for Tesla use, albeit 
a bit pricey!

Richard Hull, TCBOR