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> Date: 03 Jul 96 08:43:04 EDT
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> Graham,
> I guess I'ld like to know for a give secondary and toriod
> size what the resonance frequency is going to be and
> some idea of the Q and input impedence if driven
> as a magnifier. Oh yes and I'ld like to know exactly
> how insane I am to be playing with these things :)
> Doesn't have to be too accurate +/- 0.000001% will do ;)
> Good luck,
> Alan Sharp (UK)


I do not know of any software which will correctly predict such values.  
The euations for toroidial capacitance are terrible.  Even an error of 5% 
in the equations can shift the resonant frequency of a combo about 
100Khz! (In small coils with largish toroids.)  The free swinging 
isolated capacitance, even if precisely measured, will change when on a 
coil (proximity effect).  The only way I know to get the values you seek 
is to build and measure the finished product!

Richard Hull, TCBOR