Re: FAQ questions...

     My understanding is that about 10mA passing through the heart is 
     lethal, I guess it is pretty hard to actually measure this without 
     getting sent to prison:) Maybe someone could rig an ammeter up to Mr. 
     Edisons' wonderfully humane chair.
     A Watt in AC is RMS volts times amps, where RMS = the square Root of 
     the Mean of the Square of the peak AC voltage.
     The distinction is made between VA and Watts due to wattless power in 
     AC systems where the phase angle becomes large due to inductive 
     loading by motors, transformers etc.
     hope this helps

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Subject: FAQ questions...
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Subject: FAQ questions...
I am starting to work on the safety FAQ, but naturally am having some 
questions.  (I'd like to be as accurate as possible)
1) Is it true that it takes 10 Joules of electricity to kill someone?
   (If not, how much is it?)
2) Is a watt in AC roughly volts*amps?  I believe that a watt is VA in
   DC, and if you are dealing with RMS Volts and amps, does that make it 
   true for AC?
Thanks for your attention.  More questions will follow I'm sure.