Re: Amateur Night

>I also have a Gen. Radio Variac Type W 30 H, (thanks to Scotty M).  
>It's a great variac and I again thank Scotty.  The connection diagram 
>is confusing but I finally figured it out.
                      (BIG SNIP)

>My brushes on the wipers are wearing thin.  If you come across a 
>source, please let me know.


Hey thanks! That was just what I needed.  After "lettin' the smoke out" of a
coupla light bulbs,(just to test of course) I hooked it up to my bank of 5
9K 60ma neons, and "turned up tha juice".  It doesn't seem right to me, but
after a little fiddlin' around with the tune, it seems to put out longer
sparks at around 85-90 volts? Go figger :)  Anyway from what i've read here,
neons don't like "overvoltage", so I didn't bother to try 140v on them.
Thanks again, and Thanks to Sandy for your help too! Read ya all later.