Re[2]: Capacitor oil

     Hi all, With regard to capacitor oil, I would suggest an oil 
     specifically designed for high voltage operation. Here at BICC 
     Supertension Cables, we use C14B oil in paper insulated cables rated 
     up to 500KV. We also use a wax which is impregnated into the cable at 
     about 120 degrees. The oil is definitely safe to use on polypropylene 
     as this is a component in the cable. I would assume tentatively that 
     it would be ok on polythene as well.
       I could dig out details of C14B oil if people are interested, but I 
     would think its a bit special and quite hard to get hold of in small 
     quantities. Failing that a commercial transformer oil made by Shell 
     or equivalent should be the best bet. I scavenged some oil from a HV 
     transformer used in corona treatment which I have stored ready to use 
     in a cap sometime. Watch out for PCB's in older kit, you don't want 
     to be changing sex inadvertently.
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> I'm having trouble getting a straight answer from the "other list" so 
> I've decided to make an appeal to this "more serious" list.
> Are there any oils (other than mineral oil) that are good for use in caps? 
> How about:
>             1.  Castor Oil
>             2.  Paraffin Oil
>             3.  Vegetable Oil
> Thanks,
> Greg Peters.Hi All,
In addition how about hydraulic fluid? The oils 
should have the water 'baked' out. Has someone 
done this?
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