Re: Capacitor

Re: building a test Tesla Coil.

>I thought I said I would???  You'll have to give me several weeks - 
>it's not the only thing I have to do. Meantime, what transformer/s
>have you get there?

Sorry for sounding like I am in a rush. That message went out before I got
your reply.>

The transformer running the BTC3 is 240v 5amp step down to 120v. The BTC3
has the transformer it came with which looks like a neon transformer but not
the type available here. I think it is rated at 6Kv.

Do you know of the BTC3? Has anyone else got one for comparison on the
output? Mine can give arcs of 4 inches. I also noted that as you close the
spark gap the arcs get shorter. Another interesting point is that it will
not fire for more than 2 seconds. It just stops and you can hear the
transformer hum only. Nothing else happens until you switch off and then
back on again. This is in a vehicle so the ground is connected to the
incoming mains earth only. Maybe there is the problem here but I would still
have expected more than 4" output. This 4" output is only obtained by
putting a thick wire from the base of the secondary, which is grounded, up
the wall and across the top of the coil and then dropping it down until it
strikes an arc from the coil. The coil will not arc until the wire gets
close enough. Only when it arcs does the spark gap fire, until then it just
sits and hums at me.

Paul Millott (Soon to be unfailed)