Re: A fried xformer

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> Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 08:39:58 -0400
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> Subject: A fried xformer
> Tell me someone: I hooked my 15kv neon { new } transformer leads to each lead
> of a  36000v .05uf capacitor for a little while, until I heard the frying
> noise then removed it. The plates are seperate; It wasent a dead short, I
> could understand it then but I was just charging the cap and timing the
> duration of  time to the degree of loss to see how much charge was lost over
> different time periods. Why would this burn up a transformer, why; why why
> why why why!     Stephen Sanders.


A .05 uf capacitor is exactly an order of magnitude (10 times) too big 
for a 15kv 30ma transformer!  It was very close to a dead short!  
Actually, a dead short will not ruin a new neon sign transformer unless 
y0u leave it shorted for 1/2 hour or more!

I suspect the transformer was very weak for one reason or another.  
Probably another firing of a tesla coil would have also sent it to that 
"big pile of transformers in the sky".  Used neon transformers have often 
been in service for many years for 8-12 hours per day!  If we get used 
transformers, we must expect a degree of inherent weakness.  If new, we 
must realize that a minute of Tesla coil firing can be like a month 
driving a sign.

Richard Hull, TCBOR