Re: 200kHz good, 100kHz better. (fwd)

Greetings All,
I wrote
>>Without a discharge electrode sparks break out not on the toroid 
>>but on the wire between the coil and the toriod - how do I stop this?  

Ed replied,
>It sounds like the toroid may be mounted too close to the coil.  Try
>different mounting heights.  Or, possibly it is a frequency problem whereby
>the 1/4 point is being achieved below the top of the coil.  Have you tried
>changing the frequency to eliminate this?

Thanks Ed, the toriod was 6" above the coil, and needing raised - it was being
warmed by induced currents. Put it up to 1 foot, lost the warming effect but
its still sparking from the wire. Checked the connection to the toriod.
Its a solid state coil so changing the frequency is easy but even at maximum
spark I'm still loosing a lot of corona in the wire.

I may try a brute force solution - insulation on the wire and a few more coats
of acrylic on the top of the coil.

Jeff wrote
>Now that the colonists rule the free world, I think it
>heresy to suggest dropping the wire gauge system. Don't
>forget that all those Trident missles are wired with
>good 'ol yankee know-how. :)

Learn from history Jeff - Empires and greatness evaporate very quickly.
Thus the need for Trident disappeared 5 minutes after we paid for
the ***** things ;)

Have fun everyone,

Alan Sharp (UK)