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> Also, I've found that a coil not sparking well can radiate like hell
>  > as the energy has to go somewhere other than sparks.
>  > 
>  > Malcolm
>  I''ve seen that, also.  When I am running my 4" coil in my basement 
>  with a 4" x 30" dryer duct toroid, I'm not pumping enough current 
>  through to get spark breakout without a takeoff point.  When the lights 
>  are turned off and I don't have the takeoff in place, all the fluorescent 
>  lights in my lab light up, but when I'm drawing an arc, only the closest 
>  lights to my coil are affected, and they don't light up nearly as bright 
>  either.

Hi all,

     Thanks for posting this info guys,
   It reminded me that Tesla worked  really hard to make sparks----- 
so he could study what made 'em ----- so he could build a power processor
that wouldn't make sparks --------- yup---- if the resonator is werkin'
------ it ain't sparkin'--------------------(bummer).---------- caffene free
coffee/tea etc. 
      Really ---------- totally un-romantic ----- I'm glad I have so much
to do on making sparks -----nuff said

       Now if I may quote scripture ? ----------  :-)
        Tesla Patent #   1,119,732  -- apparatus for transmitting electrical
        Application filed  Jan 16 1902 
        Patent issued    Dec 01 1914

  Lines 62 thru 68 :  "Evidently, the smaller the curvature the greater, for
a given electric displacement , will be the surface-density and,
 consequently, the lower the limiting pressure to which the terminal may be
charged without electricity escaping into the air."

     No sparks ---- ??   No wonder it took 12 years to patent "The Big One "

G'nite  for  now  - thanks again ----