Re: Capacitor Explosion

I just recieved the following, and would like to state what my intentions
In a message dated 96-07-01 00:50:24 EDT,        RWW wrote:

> I also emailed Kevin Conkey about the dangers of 
>these tighly sealed caps that in essence become bombs, if and when, 
>they arc internally.  Also, if they explode and someone is injured 
>(blinded) or killed, not only is CP liable but so is he and probable 
>Delco since he is their agent and uses their email.  All are 
I gave out my work #, Grandma's #, and Mom's #, strictly so that people could
get ahold of me if they needed to. So there would be no fears of not
contacting me like there was with Scott when he went out of town. I am in no
way acting as an agent for Delco. I am not using company email. If you
noticed I am using AOL, my personal acct. It is easier for you guys to get
ahold of me that way, as I am always changing my main Internet acct for
better services, but keep the AOL acct always.

The last thing I need in my life is somone stirring up needless trouble with
my place of employment!

In the future I would appreciate if you would hold your temper and get your
facts straight before spewing at the mouth.

Kevin M. Conkey