Re: Capacitor Explosion

On Mon, 1 Jul 1996, Tesla List wrote:

>      Regarding the oil and cap laying on its side - what the heck do 
> they expect? I noticed when I first got mine that I could hear oil 
> sloshing around in side. I had to assume that was OK but I now have 
> my doubts. Sloshing sounds = air inside. I haven't decided exactly 

I noticed that very same effect - it was not completely filled
with oil.. Is this the case with all the CP caps - anyone without
"oil sloshing around" ?

The reason could be to allow space for the oil to expand, but atleast
in sealed xformers they use sealed bags filled with gas for that inside
the xformer..

> the dielectric seems sound enough. I'm amazed that, given the size of 
> the external studs, the internal interconnects sound as if they're 
> entirely inadequate. Perhaps they haven't heard of Kirchoff's Law.

Perhaps Scotty got those bigger studs "so easily" because he didn't
figure out to ask for heavier connections inside the cap as well.. :)

Kristian Ukkonen.