Need info on power supply.

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     Hi Coilers,
     I was hoping that someone might be able to help me with some specs on 
     a high voltage power supply that i picked up this week at the local 
     bone yard:
     Tektronix Type 210 High Voltage Power Supply
        This device looks like a large automotive super coil.
     It has all connections on top cover as follows:
     Reg +   : tied to case
     Reg -
     P   \
     B+   - These appear to be power inputs
     G   /
     -2.1KV  : small insulator similar to above connections
     +3.3KV  : slightly bigger ceramic insulator
     +6.6KV  : getting bigger.....
     +10KV   : biggest insulator - about 1" tall 3/4" wide at bottom.
     Inside is oil-filled.  Has two vacuum tubes (immersed in oil!), and 3 
     caps; 2 are 6000 Volt .005uF.  There are two coils inside.
     I would be very interested in knowing how to power this device.  It 
     appears to utilize DC power inputs.